Special Meat Binder vs Encapsulated Citric Acid

  • Walton’s recommends their Special Meat Binder a blend of milk product and Sodium Phosphate in their sticks and other cured meats as in Summer Sausage.

    Walton’s also recommends Encapsulated Citric Acid for a desired tang. in the same products.

    Both of these are used at the same time.

    The Phosphate achieves it moisture retention properties by “Raising” the PH.

    The Critic Acid achieves its tang and other properties by by “lowing” the PH.

    How can these two, one raising and one lowering PH be used at the same time?

  • Team Blue

    I’ve used Walton’s Sure Gel in summer sausage and in snack sticks. ECA will give you a nice tang in you finished product due to the citric acid. The binder is used to help protein extraction and in moisture retention. This is directly from the Walton’s Sure Gel product page.

    “Why is a Meat Binder Important?
    Meat Binders help with any cured sausage product by helping the meat, water, fat, seasoning and cure bind together. This gives you a jucier finished product and increases your final yield.”

    Just remember ECA should be the last item into your mix and it should not be mix long as the encapsulation can be broken if mixed to long. The sausage should then go immediately into your smoker or you run the risk of the ECA breaking down.

  • Both product archive there desired results by altering the PH.

    Phosphate raises PH, ECA lowers PH, using them at the same time accomplishes what as far as PH is concerned

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