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    I’ll be harvesting hogs soon, and I plan to save as much fat as I can for sausage and render the rest into lard.

    After reading a few other posts about the importance of fresh fat in sausage and snack sticks, I’m now wondering if I should put any in the freezer or if I should keep it in the fridge until I use it. I am not sure how soon I would be able to make the sausage, as it may be a couple weeks after butchering before I can circle back to it.
    I am not opposed to vac sealing and freezing if that helps it keep longer. Or would it be wise to coarse grind and pack into 2# meat bags to freeze until use. We’ve put a lot of time, effort, and expense into these animals and I’d hate to ruin something so close to the finish line.

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    If you have a chamber sealer, that would be your best bet. It saves it from freezer burn and oxidation as well. If you just have a vacuum sealer, you will need to check you bags regularly for ice crystals which is a sign of leakage. The fat should go 6 months to a year under a good vacuum seal. Just grinding and freeze in zip-loc bags will give you 3-4 months from my experience before you start getting off flavors.

  • I have cut it up in chunks that fit my grinder and vac sealed. Froze it and use it six month to a year later without any issues as long as your seal holds. Done this with beef and pork fat.

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    Ridley Acres I have vac sealed and used it six months later without a problem.

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