• Just finished our first run of 2017 venison/pork bologna. Old school PA Dutch Amish recipe, smoked, rested, chamber vacuum sealed. Mild, Hot, Hot with high temp pepperjack cheese. Used Walton’s chamber bags and casings. Always quality, quick ship. Thanks Fellas!!3_1512668839967_IMG-0447.JPG 2_1512668839967_IMG-0446.JPG 1_1512668839967_IMG-0445.JPG 0_1512668839966_IMG-0444.JPG

  • Walton's Employee

    @Parksider Looking good! You guys could feed an army with all of that!

  • I wish…everybody and their brother’s uncle stops by and wants to try some, then its can i take some home I have a buddy that would love this stuff…We did 40# of bologna, 40# breakfast, 25# habanero brats, and rest was pressed into 1/4# patties stuffed with pepperjack cheese and then pressed again to make stuffed 1/2 burgers, and a bunch hit the grill for “testing”… Here’s the bins just after stuffing and our latest acquisition, a 3-compartment sink for easy clean up. 0_1512670296929_bologna.jpg

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