Thank you Waltons and BHA

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    I would like to thank Jonathan and Curtis from Backwoods Hunters & Anglers for last nights event.
    It was a great hands on presentation with open questions and answers as actual sausage and snack sticks were being made.
    I think what really made it work for me was the mix of attendees including some who had never used a stuffer to others with hunt to freezer experience. That made for great questions and follow up with everyone learning something along the way, I know I did
    Jon gave a tour of the facility and Curtis talked briefly about Backwoods Hunters & Anglers mission which is to clean up our rivers and public property
    He pointed out a recent cleanup of a small stretch of river in which they removed a dumpster worth of trash, over 100 tires and a complete automobile!
    I congratulate Waltons for being a supporter of organizations like BHA

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    glen Thank you! The event went well and we hope to do more. In future events what we would like to do is to have some of the product already made. Last night we had to spend a little bit of time making a fresh brat (|Habanero-and-Mango-Bratwurst-Seasoning ) and get that on the grill so people could have something to take home, and if we could have just concentrated on the Cured Meat we could have had a little more involvement from the audience. It was supposed to a $10 event or a BHA membership and it was left off some advertising so Kurt didn’t want to do it, but they ended up with a number of new members and they sold a good amount of merchandise. The “Free with donation accepted” might be the way we go going forward!

    Thanks for coming Glen, hope you enjoyed it and the sticks just came out of the smoker!

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