Moisture with snack stix

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    I did not try to search for this issue, so sorry if it has already been talked about. I have tried a couple of times to smoke a large batch of snack sticks (48lbs) and am having trouble with to much moisture in the smoker.
    Smoking 5 or 10lbs I do not have any problems.
    I do not put an water in the bottom of the smoker, because there is plenty of moisture already!!
    Cook shedule:
    120 for 1 hour
    150 for 1 hour
    170 for 2 hours
    200 until 160 degrees

    I have increased temps from what I used to do in a smaller smoker to try and help push through a stall. But maybe that is my problem, it doesn’t have enough time to dry out.
    Just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts!

  • Team Orange

    10 % beef fat added, Excalibur smoke bbq seasoning, sure cure disolved in 1oz of water /lb

    It is definitely moisture and not fating out.
    To much water? Not enough dry time?

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    Menuchah Meats if your small batches come out good but not your large batches my personal opinion is lack of proper air flow in your smoker. Either with your smoker design or just overloading what your smoker is capable of. I’d be interested to see what smoker you have. Primarily your bottom damper, top damper and venting. Also does your smoker have an internal circulation fan? I use 2.56 oz of water per lb so what you use definitely isn’t the issue, I’d say on the light side myself. Recommendation is 1.97oz per lb which is 1 1/2 quarts for 25lbs.

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    Menuchah Meats also my opinion is your smoke /cook schedule is rushed. Here is my recommendation:
    1 hour 110* all dampers wide open (drying stage)
    2 hours 125* bottom damper 1/3-1/2 open, top 1/8 open, start smoke at beginning of this 2 hour stage
    1 hour 140* with smoke
    2 hours 155* smoke only 1st hour of this stage (remove pan if you can do without opening door)
    170* to finish internal temp of 160*
    Ice bath immediately after IT temp reached for 15-20 min
    Dry at room temp for 1 hour
    Move to refrigerator over night
    Cut to length and vac package next day

  • You didn’t mention a cure accelerator so I am curious how long are you letting them sit after you take them out of the fridge before moving them to the smoker? My guess would be 48 pounds of cold meat in a smoker will create a lot of condensation as it comes up to temp.

  • Team Orange

    twilliams I think airflow is definitely a problem, I have contacted the manufacturer to find out if they have solutions.
    I have a 5d made by smoke’n it, they are a local company near me. I think I should have researched the air flow a little better, to late now! Now I just have to find a solution

    I do not have an Internal fan, is there something that you use and would recommend?

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    Menuchah Meats my smoker came with an internal fan, so not sure of anything after market modification. I’m sure a few people on here may comment and steer you in a direction for that possibly if that is a route you may want to go

  • Team Orange

    Grimpuppy duh, I didn’t even think about this. I am not letting it sit after removing from th fridge. I have never used cure accelerator, but I will look into it because I don’t have time to wait for things to warm up!🤣 Thanks for the advice.

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    I agree with twilliams and Grimpuppy that you have too much cool product in a smoker not capable of generating the heat and air flow required to properly dry them. It’s possible that even bringing them up to room temperature first would still give you the same result.
    We have heard others report the same problem when trying to put too much product in their smoker.

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    The advice of the community is pretty spot on. I have nothing to add. I just came for the pictures ROFL!!

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    Menuchah Meats I have heard that computer fans work but have not tried this myself.

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    Menuchah Meats if you would like I could take a photo of my motor and fan blade

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    bocephus said in Moisture with snack stix:

    Menuchah Meats I have heard that computer fans work but have not tried this myself.

    I think there a couple of variations on the circulating fan theme. Only one of them will really help with drying the product.

    One variation is to have a fan inside the smoker box to circulate the air inside which evens out the temperature variations inside the box. This kind of fan really doesn’t change how much heat and moisture is removed from the box.

    A second fan variation is one where the the fan pulls air through the box because it is mounted in the air inlet or outlet of the box. This fan configuration can speed up drying of the product because you are increasing the amount of air drawn through the smoker relative to what you would have just through natural convection alone. The downside of this type of fan is that for smokers with chips or pellets smoldering inside the box, you really can’t smoke the meat at the same time as you are drying it without running a risk of starting a fire in the chip pan

  • Team Orange

    processhead this information is exactly what I have read. So I talked with the smoker manufacturer and they have a fan that can go on the outlet to do exactly what you said. It can be placed and removed as needed. I will have to experiment a little to see how long it needs to stay on, but I am hoping that it helps solve my problem!

    Thanks everyone for the help, I will post back when I do another big batch and see how it works out.

    Going to do a little research on the cure accelerator that Grimpuppy suggested as I am curious if the cold meat from the fridge also as something to do with it.

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    Here is a link to Menuchah Meats smoker.

    While it looks like a very nice, high quality smoker, in my opinion, the rated capacity of 90 lbs of meat is totally unrealistic for most sausage making applications.
    I pasted the specifications and features for the smoker below:::

    The electric smoker is made from 100% 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel and is designed for ease of use and portability

    Every Smokin-It Model #5D smoker comes with:

    Integrated Digital Controller with two water resistant temperature meat probes assembly (designed by Auber Instruments, GEN3 effective 4.20.2019)
    LCD screen with UV protection
    Four locking heavy duty 5" diameter casters (need to be attached)
    Eight stainless steel grilling racks with room for 14 racks, rack size is 21-1/4 " x 21-1/4", racks are spaced 2" apart
    Smoke box and drip pan that slides under smoker
    Smoker has a temperature range of 0-325 degrees F and can hold +/- 3 degrees from set point
    Fixed mounted air temperature located inside smoker, with newly added stainless steel guard for protection
    Double door system with five latches
    Smoker is predrilled on left side for the Bella cold smoke generator
    Sample of hickory wood to season smoker
    Smoker Model #5D has the capacity to hold 90 pounds of meat or seafood (estimate)
    Twin 900-watt heating elements for a total of 1800-watts, LED indicator light,16.5 amps 120-volt single phase
    Insulated with fiberglass to reduce heat loss
    12-foot power cord
    Inside dimensions are 22" W x 22" D x 42-1/4" H, rack size is 21-1/4 " x 21-1/4"
    Outside dimensions are 24" W x 28" D x 46" H (plus 5" for casters and 2-3/8" for digital controller)
    Three year warranty on parts and workmanship
    One year warranty on digital controller
    Integrated electric power cord hangers to mount on the back panel of the smoker, hangers made from stainless steel with pre-drilled holes and screws provided for installation
    Suitable for indoor commercial use, smoker will require outside ventilation at a maximum of 70 CFM recommended
    NSF certified (Mfg. by HWC Company Exclusively for Smokin-It, LLC - ALL Model Smokers #1-5)
    Free shipping in lower 48 - USA (Free shipping does not include a lift gate (if needed) FedEx LTL Freight O

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    Something else I noticed with the Smokin It line of smokers is they have a very small vent, which is common in oven style smokers. This is actually a good feature for high temperature smoking/cooking whole cuts like briskets and butts where the goal is usually to retain moisture.
    For several sausage styles there is a drying phase and heat alone won’t do it. There has to be adequate air flow as well as heat, and the smoker needs to be designed to accomplish that.

  • Smokin it makes a fan that sits on the outlet. Use it for when doing jerky. They call it the James Jerky Drier, that may work. I have the model #3 no issues but only do small batches.

  • Team Orange

    Snacks yep got it ordered, hopefully it works!

  • Also first hour, drying phase keep door cracked open.Helps get rid of moisture.

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