Has anyone tried cold smoking high temperature cheese?

  • I am just wondering if anyone has tried smoking high temperature cheese? How did it turn out. I really like regular smoked cheese paired with sliced apple. Smoked Swiss and apple is really good. I am kind of wondering how this would work with some of the apple sausage seasonings.

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    Following… interesting concept but I wonder if cost/benefit favors using the more expensive high temp cheese over regular

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    Should not be a problem. The only issues I could see are that the cheese is diced into 1/4" pieces. This would mean would would probably want to smoke it on a fine mesh screen and watch how long you smoke it for since you don’t have the density of a full block of cheese. You don’t want to over-smoke it, because it can get bitter from the smoke and also you want to use a sweet wood. Swiss or Cheddar would pair well. Gouda would be a good option for a non high temp cheese.

  • I cold smoke regular block cheese. I don’t see why you couldn’t smoke the high temp, as johnsbrewhouse has suggested. Idk if you need a mesh screen though as you are dealing with a ton of surface area since it is in 1/4" pieces…thus over smoking would be pretty easy to do.

    When I smoke block cheese, I’m usually only going for an hour or two tops, considering the massively higher surface area you will have with the high temp cubes, I wouldn’t go over an hour, I’d probably try several groups of different times. Pull part of it off after 20 minutes, one batch at 40 minutes and the last of it at an hour and see what ends up being the best.

  • Yes. I just use a “veggie” screen to spread it out on. It cheap ones from Wallyworld that is like expanded metal. Still need to get one with smaller holes. I just used my smoke tube to apply the smoke.
    I use it in snack sticks/bologna . It gives an additional smoke flavor that you just don’t get otherwise.
    I wouldn’t go too strong on the smoke unless you really love smoke flavor. Depending on the wood and other factors maybe check it every 1/2 hour and pull it at your liking

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    Just saw your post. Yes I smoke hi-temp cheese. I cold smoke it for an hour or so till it gets a nice light smoke color. When it completely cool I cover it and let set in the refer. overnight. Help even out the smoke flavor. I use it summer sausage and brats to add a light smoke flavor.

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    RafterW I have decided that the best cheese to smoke is mild or medium cheddar. I slice it about A 1/2 inch thick and smoke for about an hour with apple wood. Then I wrap it in parchment paper and refrigerate for at lest 4 days before I eat it. It seems to always come out good.Also dice it and freeze it and use it in my snack sticks and summer sausage does not melt stays whole.

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    shoprat53 that is awesome to know. Thanks for sharing

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    I’ve heard 14 days resting time. The sites I’ve checked said made a point to avoid the temptation to eat it sooner.

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    I wait 4 days sometimes 5 but it does seem to improve with age. The cheese I dice up for snack sticks I get out of the freezer about 20 minutes before I add to meat mixture. Never have A issue were it melts out still whole chunks in sticks and sausage. The high temp cheese I have used in making brats. But am cooking them over A fire or in boiling water, my snack sticks and cured sausage never go above 160 degrees.

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    shoprat53 thanks that’s good to know….never thought about freezing it then adding it to sausage. Instead I just buy high temp but it’s so $$$$$. I’ll have to try it with regular chunk cheese

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