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    So I am kind of new with some of all of the summer sausage I made has been a summer sausage package so cure included but if I wanted to use a snack stick or fresh sausage seasoning to make smoked summer sausage do I need to just buy the pink sure cure or the meat stabalizer to add with it when I smoke it. Thanks in advance for help

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    jared the difference between the cured and fresh seasonings besides the cure is ingredient amounts. For example a seasoning for snack sticks or summer sausage has more salt than the fresh seasoning.

    If you want to smoke your product you must use cure (pink salt, Prague powder, #1). Do not use Himalayan salt in place of cure. The smoked meat stabilizer, ECA, or sodium erythorbate just allow you to go right from stuffing to smoking, otherwise if those 3 are not used you need to hold in fridge overnight or at least 12 hours.

    I have seen people mention of cold smoking then fast cooking at a later time say next day or after thawed out from freezer storage but I’m not too familiar with cold smoking

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    If you do use sure cure, make sure to account for the salt it bring and be 100% on the grams/KG needed for your meat block. Meat stabilizer (from my understanding) is is mainly used for emulsion grind (since you introduce more surface for bacteria) and for wild game since they are normally not injected with antibiotics to keep those bacterial colonies under control. It basically speed the process and you don’t have to keep the meat overnight to let the cure take effect. I use Sodium Erythorbate and it allows me to go from mixing to smoking without an overnight hold

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