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  • I will be pumping 30 pounds of bellies tomorrow to make bacon. I have a 5 lb bag of bacon cure that says to use 1.75 lbs. of cure to a gallon of water for a 10 percent pump. I am wondering how much brine I need to mix up to have enough to pump all 30 pounds of bellies?

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    It might help to let us know which cure you purchased so we can look at the directions for it.

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    For a 10% pump on 30 lbs of bellies, you are going to need 3 lbs of mixed brine for pumping.

    Then you also need enough brine to make a 50% diluted cover brine for the pumped bellies. How much brine you need for the cover brine is somewhat determined by the size and shape of the tub or container you are using to hold the bellies and the cover brine.

  • Looking for a Good Turkey Brine…Anyone got one?

  • Team Blue

    Bob Dibble I have been using the Walton’s Turkey Brine for several years now before smoking my turkeys. It is real good & I am sure you will like it. Sometimes & bump mine up a notch by using a light muscadine or scuppernong wine with or instead of the required water. It is real good & everyone always likes the smoke turkey.

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