Dry Venison B'fast sausage

  • Team Orange

    I made venison b’fast sausage using the Holly Regular seasoning for the first time. I like the flavor, but it turned out a bit dry.

    Here is my process:
    10 lbs venison
    3 Lbs pork fat
    Grind 10mm plate separate then mix lean, fat, seasoning and grind with 4.5 mm plate.
    Add 8oz water and mix
    Stuff into plastic chubs

    I slice them into patties semi frozen and straight into hot pan. The first side browns nicely then when I flip them a lot of water seems to come out and they boil until the water is gone and then fry up till browned. Some may say I over cook it, but I like the crispy browned outside.

    It seems to me that venison has a lot more moisture it it than pork. Or it may just release the moisture more readily. I am thinking that some type of binder may help? Soy protein, sure gel, carrot fiber? Or should I just up the fat if I want crispy sausage patties.

    What has worked for others when using venison for b’fast sausage? I don’t seem to have this issue using the same meat block for Italian or brats, but the casing may help a bit.

  • Masterbuilt

    Kinda the nature of venison breakfast sausage. I mix half pork butt to half venison. I wouldn’t call it dry as just much less fat.

  • Masterbuilt

    And I don’t add water.

  • Team Orange

    I up the pork to almost 50/50. Not all pork fat but I use the fattiest part of a pork butt. So I guess it is about 50% venison, 30% pork, and 20% pork. Some soy powder or carrot fiber would help also.

  • Regular Contributors

    Commercial breakfast sausage probably has a closer to 50/50 lean to fat. Personally I like venison breakfast sausage with a higher fat content even though much of it fries out during cooking. It finishes out moister,

  • Regular Contributors Team Orange Sous Vide

    I like my venison breakfast sausage to be about 60/40 pork to venison. I used to do it 50/50 but it was too lean for me, I like a little grease in the morning…

  • That’s about 23% fat, not enough for breakfast and that is if you added pure pork fat, if there was lean meat on the pork trim it becomes even leaner

  • Team Orange Power User Canning Masterbuilt Veteran

    keend0 You might want to add a little more pork if it is trimmings and not just fat. Also binder would probably help hold moisture. I would try smaller batches until you get it how you like.

  • Team Orange

    Thanks everyone, sometimes you just need some confirmation on what you were thinking. This is a great place to bounce ideas off others!

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