Hot Buffalo Wing seasoning with Blue Cheese!

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    We ran 25 lbs of chicken breast through a 3/16th plate (once) and added the Hot Buffalo Wing Seasoning and 2 lbs of the Blue Cheese to the mix. We then stuffed them in collagen casings and they are currently in the freezer awaiting vacuum packing. However I took two brats that were misshapen and the left overs from the stuffer home last night.

    I tossed them on my green mountain daniel boone grill (currently using Cherry pellets) at 390 until they were cooked. The taste was amazing! The Hot Buffalo Seasoning did not have as much heat as I was expecting but the overall taste was outstanding! For chicken brats I highly recommend the combination of the Hot Buffalo Wing Seasoning with the Blue Cheese!

  • I am going to try this. My wife would love these!

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    One other thing we did on this was use a binder to help with the consistency as the last time we did chicken brats we thought they were a little crumbly.

  • I love the buffalo wing seasoning!! I just make pork brats but I only do 20 pounds of meat and add some franks to my ice water

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    @jeff cutting down on the lb of meat you use but still using the entire package of seasoning is a great way to increase flavor! I usually do this when I am making something like Habanero Mango where I really want a very strong taste. Another possible option would be to add MSG as long as you don’t have an issue with MSG, MSG gets a bad name but I love it, kicks up the flavor of whatever you put it in!

    For more information on MSG check out our post

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