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    If anyone is interested an 8-quart Enterprise cast iron stuffer fits pretty good into a 20-gallon Rubbermade Brute garbage can. I hadn’t used mine in a very long time and got it down to clean it up and coat it with white oil and thought I should find a better way to store this old warrior a better way. Might buy some Styrofoam and cut to fit around it to even better stabilize it in the container.

  • bocephus I had to look up this stuffer. Looks like a heck of a unit. Looks like they make different inserts to turn them into juicers/press for fruits to make juices/wines. A Cool vintage item!

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    RafterW I have both plates and the screens, not sure but one old timer said the screen and small plate was for lard. Never looked into this as I have only used it for sausage stuffing, but my hunting group sure stuffed a lot of sausage through it before my brother-in-law got the use of a water stuffer from his uncle when he closed his butcher shop. That thing held about 50 lbs and took it to a whole new level.

  • Team Blue

    bocephus Wow, that is one fine stuffer. Take good care of that & it will take care of you for life. Maybe you could wrap it in cellophane, then put it in the container you keep it in, then pump the container (very loosely) with closed cell foam insulation. Then if you have pumped the CCI in loose enough so you can pull it out after it cures, cut the foam carefully in half, & you have a perfect fit just about protectant. The only thing I would worry about is potential moisture accumulation, even in a non humid environment unless it is arid. You want things to be able to breathe & air to circulate around them. That is a real nice stuffer it sounds like.

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    calldoctoday Currently live in NM so humidity is not a big concern, but am thinking of taking it to MN and thought of putting in a canister dehumidifier for a gun safe if I do. I don’t think the cover fits so tight that it would hold moisture, and I coat it in white oil when I put it away.

  • Team Blue

    bocephus That is a great idea too. Just use some dessicant crystal or Damp Rid or something like that, it will do the trick. You might even be able to use a sack of rice in a pinch. New Mexico is perfect for low humidity. We love it there when ever I get an inspection assignment out that way, which is been way to long ago now. I had one this year, but was already too busy when it came around.

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