• Jonathon Austin just got to looking at my emails from my order after the live stream. Got 2 emails. One saying order was placed and another saying it was shipped BUT they are 2 different order numbers. At the end of the stream the system kept pending and telling me it couldn’t charge my card and wouldn’t accept the order (this was for the 20% off coupon) which i placed as you were telling everyone what the code was. So I gave up and after Austin giving the 10% code a little later placed the order again with the second code. We’ll the order that shipped was my first one I placed and didn’t get a shipping confirmation on the second order. I checked my credit card and it was charged (pending ) for both orders. Soni want to try and see if someone can stop the second order from shipping and being charged for it so there is less problems trying to return it. Thanks. Sorry about the 911 post

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    Randie N I don’t see anything linked to the email tied to your Meatgistics user, but I think I found your orders. I do see 2 and only 1 shipped. Someone in customer service may have caught it and put it on hold or something. I will find out and make sure the order is voided and the charge reversed.

  • Ok no problem. I just wanted to try and catch it fast because you guys are so quick to ship. Lol
    Thank-you. Once again sorry to post this here

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    No worries! I’m fine with it posted here. Rather get it fixed sooner than later!

  • I left a message on the voicemail also in case someone was still there shipping stuff out

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