Will it smoke: Ice Cream

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    Hey Guys;
    Happy New Year… I was just reading some click-bait on FB about someone that reviewed a $600 meal at some swanky restaurant that I will never go to… One of the courses was smoked Ice Cream, so of course I thought of you guys… Have fun with this… Ray

    “This is smoked ice cream. Don’t ask me the science behind how one smokes ice cream – but it’s got something to do incorporating exotic wood embers into the cream. So incredible though, and came with life-changing salted caramel”
    Smoked Ice Cream

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    That looks fun!
    We actually have ice cream on one of our idea boards, so we’ll give this a go and see if we can add our own twist to it!
    If we make a video on it, we’ll give you a shout out in the video as well!

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