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    Hey guys, we had a really good conversation with Mitch from https://heroeshope.org/ that we were hoping to get to you today. However, there was a problem with the upload of the Audio and we only got about 1/4 of what he said. We are hoping to get that fixed and get it out to you next week but that is the reason for no episode today.

    If you’re just dying to hear us talk though you can join us at waltonsinc.com/live at 2:30 PM (CST) for our 13 Days of Christmas Livestream! It will be Brett and I and Austin may come in to spell us for a few. We’ve got coupons, flash sales and giveaways planned so it should be a pretty good time!

  • Team Blue

    Great Job today with you & Austin & Mr. Brett as well as all the support team. What a great show & what a list of potential prizes. Wishing all of you & your families a wonderful holiday season. Don’t work too hard before the clock strikes Midnight.

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