Double dose of sodium phosphate

  • Question…. I had a batch of wild game bacon (used Imitation Bacon (no MSG) from Walton’s) that got an accidental dose of cold phosphate @ 2 oz / 25 lbs. It’s my understanding that the imitation bacon seasoning already came pre-mixed with sodium phosphate, so in essence this batch got a double dose. I sampled a small slice and it tastes fine (it’s actually fantastic), but is it safe to plan on eating the rest of it??

  • dustyjasken191 Where I am not a Doctor, I’m not seeing where it will cause any immediate health effects. Consuming too much sodium phosphate over extended periods of time can cause long term health problems though, according to the Google.

  • Team Blue Admin Walton's Employee Power User

    dustyjasken191 The only possible downside of this that if you use way too much sodium phosphate you can develop a soapy taste in your product. I don’t think the rates you are talking about will cause any issues with either taste or health.

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