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  • I guess I’m a light weight but man excalibur seasonings are way to salty! How about making a lower salt option for us light weights and people who need to watch their sodium intake! I made 50 lbs of polish sausage using excalibur seasoning and the result is I can eat it because of the salt.

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    @bowhunter-extream We do carry a few Reduced Sodium Seasonings, they are the Reduced Salt Frank & Weiner Unit, Reduced Salt Blue Ribbon Bratwurst, and the Reduced Salt Mild Italian.

    I have a couple of questions to see if I can figure out what might have happened as The Polish Unit is an odd one to hear came out that salty as it generally has a mild taste. How much seasoning did you use? Was it the entire bag? If you still have the bag could you give me the Lot# off of it? Did you make it out of wild game, pork or beef? What was the fat content?

    Sorry for 100 questions, I just want to see if I can nail down if it is something with the seasoning or the processing!

  • My batch size was 25 lbs of domestic pork butts. Fat content I do not know, what ever the pork butts had on them. They didn’t look overly fatty. (I do not have the equipment for testing fat content) No additional fat was added.
    To the 25 lbs of pork I added 1 lb of your yellow high temp cheese, 3 ozs of carrot fiber and water, one once of Sure Cure that came with the seasoning mix and a couple of pounds of fresh Jalapeno Peppers. I didn’t use the full bag of polish seasoning I still have 10.1 ozs of seasoning left because I didn’t want the sausage to turn out too salty. So the amount used was just about 1 pound of seasoning. I did make two 25 lbs batches of polish but one of the bags got thrown out so I can only give you info on one bag. Both were too salty!
    Bag info:
    Lot # MR253896 Bar code # 7 29009 03218 7

    I have had a couple of friends taste them and they both said they were too salty but still ok to eat. Their gain because they got the 50 lbs of sausage. As I stated before i’m a lightweight when it comes to salt so I might be just too darnn sensitive, at any rate for me they were not eatable.

    I did make several batches of sausage that day and used several of your sausage mixes. Habanero and Mango 2/3rds of a bag to 25 lbs. (turned out great) Maple 2/3rds to 25 lbs (very good) Pineapple 2/3rds to 25lbs (very good) Pineapple bacon cheese 2/3rds to 25lbs (very good)

    I’m not looking for any kind of compensation for the salt content. What I’m looking for is someone to make either a low salt mix, or even better a mix with just the seasonings minus the salt so we could control and add salt to our liking.

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    @bowhunter-extream Thanks for the information! Pork butts are generally in the 70-30 or 80-20 range so there are no issues there, that should have been perfect. Pork Butt is what I usually use to make sausage out of here. Your Bar Code indicates it is a 25 lb package, I thought maybe one of the 100 lb bags of polish you had purchased had been used instead of the 25 lb batches but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Like you said, it might just be that this seasoning is saltier than your liking. I am still going to ask Excalibur about that lot # thought to see if they have had any issues with it.

    As for a reduced salt Polish Excalibur does not currently offer one, we could look into having them make one for you but there would be minimum order amounts associated with that. If you think that is something you might be interested in call 800-835-2832 and our customer service team would be able to give you what the minimum order would be and start that process for you!

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