casing on stuffer tube

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    @deplorablenc1 thanks for input… I’ve been thinking the same!!!

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  • @bhouin1086 if you want to get extra blue cheese character you might dry a powdered blue cheese dressing mix.

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  • @deplorablenc1 I haven’t tried canning as of yet but I jar them up and keep them in the fridge and they stay crisp for months. The draw back is they take up a lot of room

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    I have made bear kielbasa and summer sausage. I have used the same ratio 70/30 with the 30 being pork shoulder. My opinion is literally anything mixed with pork then smoked is going to be good no matter the seasoning you use!

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    @jonathon thanks for the help again, will post when done!!!

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    I’m planning on processing some bear meat and any recipes would be great!! I have about 15lbs. And was thinking either smoked sausage or summer sausage!! Any ideas and recommendations would be great… I also have a bunch of venison meat if that helps?? Thanks

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