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    I have a cheap horizontal stuffer that I have been using for small batches of sausage, I love this thing, and just about always try to use it instead of my larger, vertical, dual speed stuffer. But, as I mentioned, this is a “cheap” stuffer, and it does have it’s deficiencies… So, since it’s time to upgrade, I’d like to find a horizontal stuffer that is more commensurate with the quality equipment that Waltons sells… Will you guys be adding a horizontal model to your line any time soon?

  • Heck, if Walton’s doesn’t have anything in the works, I’ve got a 15lb horizontal that I’ve outgrown and need to upgrade to something larger… let me know if you’re interested in a used one that’s in great shape, I’ll send pics.

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    I currently do not have any plans to add a horizontal stuffer.
    If there was interest in the horizontal stuffers though, I’d check it out.
    I’ve always seen them as inferior to a vertical stuffer…
    What makes a horizontal stuffer your preference for making sausage?

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    Austin; I have not seen what I consider to be a serious, quality horizontal stuffer either,

    The stuffer I purchased was a cheap $35 stuffer… it has no gaskets and meat does tend to force past the piston. Also the piston tends to score the inside wall of the stuffer as it is used… Additionally, it has no air release valve on the piston… The stuffing tubes and front face of the stuffer are plastic, and while they are holding up for now… I expect they will be the first things to give out in a couple of years… That’s all the negative stuff…

    On the positive side, the stuffer can be attached to virtually any surface, thus stuffing can be done at a table where you can sit down while doing it… 1 person can easily crank the stuffer and handle the filled casings coming off the other end at the same time… in fact, I find doing a 1 man operation is easier since you can instantly adjust your fill speed, by feel, at any time without having to interact with another person…

    Having used both horizontal and vertical style stuffers at this point, I am totally sold on the horizontal style…

    KnucklHed BBQ: Thanks for the offer… I actually have an 11 lb vertical that is too big for me for day to day use… I only have a “home size” sink, so it’s a hassle to wash and clean larger equipment, and since I generally just do small batches, usually not more than a single butt at a time, the 5 lb size is usually adequate… So, while I’m sure I’ll still pull out the bigger stuffer from time to time, I actually would prefer to stick with a 5 lb stuffer… (possibly if an 8 lb unit were available, I might go for that…)

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    raider2119 Hi, even though this is an old post, I see it still relevant.
    Did you ever get a new horizontal stuffer? I think I would gravitate towards a 8# one also.

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    Elsos No, we still dont have any plans to add a horizontal stuffer, mostly because it is difficult to find one that would anything other/better than what is already out there. Can I ask why there is interest in the horizontal? It doesn’t seem to offer any advantages over vertical in my mind?

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    Jonathon A horizontal probably doesn’t have a real benefit over a vertical, and I’ve Never used either one of them. Been looking at buying one, so I’ve been doing some keyboard research and hoping to get some feedback and pros/cons of the two different designs.

    Just looking at the design of the two, the base of the vertical has to turn 90* meaning it has to have a route for it, or a little trough or something. The horizontal version doesn’t have to turn, and it looks like it just runs the meat directly into the tube (like a jerky cannon) instead of another chamber, if you would.

    All in all for me anyways, it comes down to how often I’ll use it and then how easy it is to clean and to get the right parts for it if things go a little awry.

    And I think the vast majority of people are using vertical stuffers, and Waltons seem to be a super solid company that has been super helpful!
    Just looking for input mostly at this point, but I’m intrigued in opinions of users of both models.

  • When I first got into sausage making about a year ago I went and bought a horizontal stuffer just to save on waste that gets stuck in the 90’ elbow of the vertical style and really like it … I really like everything that this site has to offer from equipment to supplies and try to order everything from Waltons but they didn’t offer a horizontal style … I hate to give another company exposure on this site so PM me if you need the name, if you do indeed want a horizontal style stuffer.

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