Blue ribbon bacon cure

  • Is it possible to use the blue ribbon mapple bacon cure as a dry cure? Was thinking I read somewhere that you could and that’s what I did today and after reviewing the directions think I might of screwed up? Will it turn out fine if I let it sit in the fridge for a week rubbed in the cure?

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    @bubba_mcnabb From a nitrite imparting standpoint if you used as much of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Cure as a rub as you would have for a brine/injection then you will be okay! The taste might not be very strong as this is designed to be injected not rubbed but the ingoing nitrites should not be an issue here! Once you eat it let us know how it turned out!

  • @jonathon can I use the blue ribbon bacon cure to make Canadian bacon ? And what would be the process if I did a 10% pump on the loin? Don’t want it salty just want a nice smooth cure flavor.

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    @sausage-king Yes, you can absolutely use the Blue Ribbon Maple Bacon Cure for Canadian Bacon if you are injecting and then covering in a 50% strength solution. If you are going to just brine it then you probably don’t want to use the Blue Ribbon Maple Cure as it has Sodium Erythorbate in it and it might gas out before it fully cures the loin. If you are going to brine/pickle then I would use the Country Brown Sugar Cure.

    Either way you go the instructions for how to do both methods are available at

    Let us know if you need anything else!

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