Inferno bratwurst seasoning for ground meat jerky

  • Does anyone know if the inferno bratwurst seasoning can be used for ground beef jerky and if so how much seasoning and cure would you use for 5 lbs of meat?

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    laurie612 Yes, you can use the Inferno Brat to make jerky, you just have to make sure that you add cure as the inferno brat will not come with a cure package. You can buy individual 1 oz packages of Sure Cure and that would do 25 lb of meat so if you are doing 5 lb batches you would use 1/5 of an oze which comes out to just under 1 teaspoon of the cure. For the Inferno you would use 0.1125 lb of seasoning which is 1.8 oz for a 5 lb batch. Make sure you shake the bag up before measuring that out to evenly distribute the seasoning throughout the bag.

    Now, using a Bratwurst seasoning for a jerky might give a stronger taste in jerky than it would in a Bratwurst and since this is the hottest Bratwurst Seasoning we sell I’d guess you might end up with some seriously hot Jerky, which is probably what you are looking for!

  • Jonathon Thanks jonathon. I bought the cure from you a while back and will definitely try this. Would this be the same measurements for 5 lbs of snack sticks? The hotter the better for me

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    laurie612 Yes, if you are making 5 lb of Inferno Snack Sticks it would be the same 1.8 oz for 5 lb batch. Inferno is a great taste as well as being hot so either way you go I think you will be happy with the results!

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