Has any one tried the Minion method of smoking?

  • Has any one tried the Minion method of smoking? The Minion method being where you add a large amount of unlit charcoal and pour some lit charcoal on top to get a slow gradual burn that is supposed to give you a steady temp for hours. I’m thinking about smoking a pork butt on Saturday using this method on my offset smoker.

  • @dannyj I have done the minion method numerous times. It is an excellent way to smoke using charcoal. You won’t have to fiddle with the vents near as much and your fuel will last much longer. I typically dump the amount of charcoal I want to start with in the firebox and then fill up a chimney starter full of charcoal. Once I light that and it is all glowing orange, I’ll then dump that on the unlit charcoal and away I go. I think you’ll like it a lot.

  • Thanks Joel. I stopped by Walton’s earlier today and picked up a digital grill thermometer and a digital meat thermometer for tomorrow. I think I’ll try the Minion method to smoke a pork butt for pulled pork. I’ll post how it goes.

  • One of my smokers is the Weber Smokie Mountain charcoal smoker. I use the minion method all time with it. Fill the charcoal ring, hollow out the middle a bit and add about 12 to 15 lit coals to that. Works great for me!

  • Hour two - smoking a pork butt using the minion method. So far so good. I thought the temperature gauge was not working right for a while because it was holding so steady at 225 deg! I’m really liking this method so far, being somewhat of a newbe at smoking meat.

  • @dannyj That’s great to hear! Glad it it’s working out for you!

  • I finished my pulled pork yesterday. Turned out delicious! I was happy the Minion method worked. The coals lasted for hours. After my coals died down I ended up burning oak logs for coals.

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