Cheese! Will It BBQ?

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    Smoked Parmesan

    Will it BBQ? Cheese!

    In this segment we pose the question and the answer to Will it BBQ? So much more than just hamburgers, hot dogs, and other meats can be BBQ'd, Grilled, or Smoked. And, this is where we try out unique ideas for cooking on a grill or smoker. This week we are Cold Smoking Cheese and letting you know if it will BBQ or not!!

    Prep Time

    5 min

    Cook Time

    60 minutes


    Cheddar Cheese
    Parmesan Cheese
    Bleu Cheese

    Utensils Needed

    The Flip Professional Smoke Box
    Premium Smoking Chips - Coarse


    Cold smoking is adding smoke to something and not adding any heat. We did it using a Flip Professional Smoke Box in a Weston 30" Vertical Smoker and placed it on the bottom of the smoker and put our cheese on the top shelf too keep it as far away from the heat source as possible. We lit the chips, opened the side vents all the way and the top vent 1/2 way and smoked it for an hour. When we took them out of the smoker we vac packed them and kept them in our fridge for a week to let the smoke mellow out a little bit.

    So, Will it BBQ?

    Obviously smoked cheese is a thing alot of people like. We wanted to see if it was easy to do at home and it was. Smoking cheese at home gave us at least as good results as what you are going to buy at the store and it allows you to control how smokey you want your cheese!

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