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  • Has anyone ever thought of taking any of Walton’s seasoning and instead of using the casing for like a regular size brat using like a hot dog casing… i have children and sometimes a brat is just to big so i was thinking of hot dog size

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    Certainly! You can use whatever size casing you like. If you want skinless the 26mm cellulose works awesome. I use the pre-tubed 24-26mm if you want natural casings. I don’t think the kids would like the collegan. If they are used to eating regular hotdogs I would use the cellulose. We stuff and simmer them in the turkey fryer, water cool, then vacuum seal. I use Waltons casings exclusively now they are the best that I’ve used.

  • @parksider how long u simmer them for

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    Until they reach 160F. I try not to let the water get over 180F.

  • @parksider so maybe 10 mins

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    We’ve been throwing the dogs in the smoker recently so i get a good jump start on the temp there. Yeah, 10-20 minutes sounds about right if you are just going to simmer them. I really focus on temp, use my insta-read thermometer. I also raise and lower the strainer basket every couple minutes to keep the water circulating and not getting cold spots.

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    If you are keeping the water under a boil, you might think about trying a sous vide circulator. We’ve been using them here on quite a few different products and having a lot of fun and good results with them. Temperature control is extremely precise, and you don’t have to worry about cold spots since it automatically circulates the water.

    We have been using the VacMaster SV1 and it works great! A couple less expensive models will be coming out very soon too from Weston. The SV1 will work with up to a 30 liter container of water, if that is comparable in size to what you are using in a turkey fryer.

    We also just might be giving away a couple of the VacMaster SV1 Circulators in May… Keep an eye on our YouTube channel the first of next week…

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    Geez…never thought of that… mine is sitting on a shelf in the closet, never really got the hang of it. Meat was either too mushy or something. I did have some good luck with flank steak but that’s about it. I’m going to give that try.

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    You guys familiar with Brio 22 meat bandsaw? One for sale locally and it looks like it has some miles on it. But I think we are going to need one, our farmer just had a bunch of calves and we are looking at doing our own butchering.

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    We are familiar with them. We used to sell Biro saws, but now sell Pro-Cut and Butcher Boy.
    We still do service work on Biro machines, and can get parts for them.
    We keep some of our parts listed online (, but if you end up getting a used machine, our service department could be able to help get replacement parts on things that are getting old and worn out, if you need any assistance there.

    Biro does make good band saws, so if you can find a good used one it wouldn’t be a bad choice, just depends on what kind of shape it is in. If you have a specific question on one, let us know and we’ll see if one of our service guys can provide any other info.

  • @medeling32 Yes, I do it all the time. The casings are softer, smaller and I like them better that way. I use the pizza brat seasoning. Your reason is the same as mine. Sometimes I just want a dog and fries. Yea, I boil them then a quick toasting n the grill to brown them up. Geo.

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    As I. push the carriage forward the slices get bigger and bigger even if I push only the carriage.

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    Did you know that you shouldn’t vacuum pack Mushrooms or Garlic? I was reading a Vacmaster VP120 instruction manual the other day and I saw an interesting note that said not to vacuum pack Garlic or Mushrooms! I had no idea that you shouldn’t do this so I thought I would share that with meatgistics readers to let you know not to do it as well. Apparently, they both are prone to bacteria that will continue to grow in oxygen-free environments. I was hoping it was something more impressive than that but it is good information to have.

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    Thanks for the response!

    I think a video on processed celery would be incredible. The only place I have been able to find celery powder as a cure was from “The Sausage Maker”, they have a Facebook page. It was expensive, designed only for sausages, and wasn’t packaged well.

    As for the tackiness, good idea with the cornstarch! There are a bunch of big brands with zero additives that were able to achieve the soft texture with no tackiness, so I’m thinking it has to be in the processing. I read an article where someone at KRAVE mentioned a couple details about how they process their jerky. He said they first inject the meat, then cook the whole pieces, then slice, then marinate, then dry. I have messed around with the idea behind this process a lot. Injecting with brine, sous-viding at a variety of temperatures and times, slicing, marinating, and drying. Decent results, but to be honest the high sugar method you introduced to me has seemed to have better results.

    Anyway, I will keep trying to figure this out and will definitely keep you guys posted if I make any headway. In the meantime, if there is anything else you think might be worth testing, please let me know! It would be great to try and perfect this process together.


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    @bob-s-meatgistics I moved one of my first pork butts into the oven and my whole house smelled like smoke. My wife did not stop complaining for a week until the smell was gone from both the house and the oven. I finish all my cooks outside. If you wrap it to speed up the cook you may want to unwrap it for the last hour to put the bark back on it.

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    @jonathon I am definitely going to purchase and follow the steps you’ve post, thank you sir! Additionally, if anyone has recipes, please share. I’ll try them all and post what my family thought of each. Thank you all, this is a very cool and educational blog, glad I found it wish it was years ago! Thanks again.

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