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    Yes i am lookin to order your chorizo but i have question. On your chorizo you suggest to add 8oz. Of vinegar to 25 pounds of meat. I have delt with another company who deals with spices and they suggest 1/4 cup per pound for 25 pounds of meat. Can u clear this up for me before i mix it up for a customer. Thanks

  • Walton's Employee

    @marctrejo I can’t say what the other spice company is referring to with using 1/4 cup per lb. That seems like way too much, especially when you consider that 8 fluid oz is about a cup. Using 8 oz of White Vinegar is directly from Excalibur (the vendor for this seasoning) for the Chorizo Seasoning Ive made it using that exact amount in the past and I have never had an issue, it has always come out delicious!

  • @jonathon ok thanks just making sure. I kind of thought the same but i was just following there recomendations. I will be ordering soon thx

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