Turkey breast hamburger

  • I bought the Roasted Garlic and Onion Patty Mix seasoning and wanted to use it with turkey breast. Do you think I should add carrot fiber also with the mix? If so how much. Can I add the seasoning to the meat after grinding then freeze the mixture instead of making the patties now or should I make the patties after mixing in the seasoning.

  • Walton's Employee

    @harpo79 Yes, you can absolutely add carrot fiber to your patty mixes if you are making Turkey Breast patties. The problem is going to be with how lean turkey is you might have some crumbling issues unless you add breadcrumbs or fat, the Carrot Fiber will help but it’s not going to fix this issue 100%.

    What I’m about to suggest will change the texture of your burger but it will help prevent it from being crumbly on the grill. Mix until you have a lot of protein extraction, you will end up with a much denser product but it will also not fall through the grates!

  • Jonathon,
    When I did that when I made chicken patties I found that it was to sticky to form the patties. It all stuck to my hands. Any suggestions for that?

  • Walton's Employee

    @harpo79 Nothing I have found has every fixed that but I am thinking if it is sticky like that then you are getting a good bind so that probably helps with the crumbling. I wear gloves anytime I am mixing something up, partly for food safety but also because when I am done I just peel the gloves off! But no, I don’t really have any suggestions to help with that.

    Anyone else have anything that would be helpful?

  • How much carrot fiber and water if any should I add? Making 6lbs. of burgers.

  • Walton's Employee

    @harpo79 Carrot fiber I would add 1 oz and then since you are making chicken I would add 1/4 of water to help everything mix in and to give them some more moisture.

  • @jonathon Thanks

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