Marinade injector

  • Hi y’all.
    Just tried to use my new injector #222162.
    It will not inject, feels like it is stopped up. It seems to be the little rubber plunger. ( 2 of them come in the package with the o- rings)
    Anyone have any experience with this.
    Thank you

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    When you squeeze the handle, does liquid draw up at all from the hose into the reservoir?

    What are you injecting? Is it just a liquid, or a seasoning dissolved in water? I ask because I wonder if it is something with particles in it that are too big and getting stuck and blocking the flow. Easiest test there is see if you can put some plain water in a container and get it to spray into the sink, and then we at least can narrow down where the problem may be.

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    I like to inject Italian dressing into chicken and turkey breast. And the garlic always get stuck in the needle so now I puréed it in the blender first and then inject it works great!!

  • I have the same problem, BUT, the larger syringe doesn’t have the same base to attach to the injector. Can someone please tell me how to attach the larger bore syringe since it’s a different base for connection? It doesn’t come with any additional parts and I’m dumbfounded on how to connect it.

  • 0_1543959996639_CBFC810A-6EF3-4EF0-AC96-C79D034157BB.jpeg

  • 0_1543960055813_70D32207-C1F9-45FB-B20C-CDAF5AD8D687.jpeg

  • As you can see, the first picture, has a square base and connects to the injector perfectly. The second picture is the larger bore syringe (to inject thicker liquid/Italian dressing) However the connector base is rounded and not square, so it seems impossible to connect. Any help is appreciated since I literally just bought this from Walton’s and I couldn’t use it on my steak since it won’t connect. Thanks

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    @paynester I think what you are looking at is not an injection needle, but instead is the 2" draw off spike. That piece can connect to the feed tube to place in the container of liquid you are injector. The draw off spike, or the larger suction needle both attach to the feed tube and are used to pull the

    Only 1 injection needle comes with the auto injector. It is a spray needle with multiple openings for the injection to come out of, and the connection type is a square hub luer lock.

    Let me know if I can help explain more.

  • Thank you Austin, I understand it now. I wish all the meat syringe companies would listen to their consumers. The reason I say that, is it’s extremely hard to find needles that can handle a thick marinade without clogging up. And the needle/draw off spike, has a large enough spout to handle but isn’t designed for that. I have a great injector but wanted to by this for speed of injecting. This should be fine with a bacon brine and we will soon find out as butcher weather is approaching. Thank you again Austin.

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