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  • I’m wondering if this is a chart available which would show how much water to use per pound when using carrot fiber when maker sausage with chicken?

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    @msalmon There is no chart that has been created and different products would have different amounts. For Chicken Brats I like to use both Carrot Fiber and Cold Phosphate but that’s not something everyone has just laying around! So if you are using carrot fiber then I would add 1.25 oz of water per lb of meat. This would be for when you are using carrot fiber at it’s suggested usage of 4 oz per 25 lb of meat (or .16 oz per lb of meat). A good thing about Carrot Fiber is that it holds up to 26 times its weight in water so you have room to play with here, you can see how much it is absorbing and add more slowly until you have achieved your desired water content.

  • @jonathon Jonathon, Is the 26 times it’s weight measured in volume or weight. Thanks

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    @msalmon Good question, It would be 26 times it actual weight. I just took .5 of an oz and added 13 oz of water and it bound it all intoa paste like texture.

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