Cold smoking or adding additional smoke to your grill

  • Walton’s has a marvelous little gadget called A-MAZE-N-TUBE Smoker. If you haven’t seen one in action or tried one yet, they’re very nice, about 1.5" in diameter and either 6" or 12" long. They will either let you cold smoke softer stuff like cheeses on your BBQ grill or add additional smoke to whatever you’re grilling. I absolutely love this thing. And it’s so easy to use, you just fill it with flavored wood pellets, light it and set it where you want the smoke, only hard part is sometimes getting it lit, I use a propane torch, that gets it going every time.

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    There’s also a cool new firestarter from A-Maze-N Products to help get your wood pellets started too!
    It’s called A-Maze-N Gel Firestarter

    If you are just using a lighter though, a propane torch is much faster than a standard lighter.

    For others who may not have seen these smoker tubes before, you can watch our video to see what they are and how they work:

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    @cayenneman That is more like smoking pork butts or brisket. I did a whole wild turkey at 225F and since there is so little fat on them to start with I used it to make a turkey noodle soup and that little bit of extra smoke on the turkey is a game changer! I used the bones to make the stock and it also had a little smokeyness to it, delicious. Don’t be afraid to run the smoker up 225-250F. Just make sure get it warm and dry before putting the smoke to it so it will stick better.

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  • @rhjbarney That is the second time in recent weeks I have heard sausage referred to as Cigars, I like it and I am sure I can come up with a clever (for me at least) social media post about it. Also, I use a lot of the pictures our users post here on Walton’s Instagram, Facebook and twitter accounts and also Meratgistics Face Book accounts. Consider this my shameless plug to follow our social media accounts.

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