Determining Snack Sticks IT

  • Most recipes I’ve researched suggest an IT of 152° - 155°. My question is, what’s the most efficient method of taking the IT of a snack stick. Should I use a probe and slide it into the center of one of the snack sticks hanging in the smoker? Is it better to slide the probe into the top of a snack stick as it hangs or up from the bottom? Thanks in advance for your help!


  • Team Blue Dry Cured Sausage Admin Walton's Employee Canning

    ADJWIS It will depend on what type of thermometer you have available. If you have something like the Grill Eye that can stay in the smoker during the smoking process then you will most likely want to insert it so the probe is facing down and angled slightly so the tip of the probe stays as close to the middle as possible. If you were to try to push it in from the bottom you run the risk of the probe being pulled out by its own weight.

    If you are using something like the a Digital Probe Thermometer like this one then you can insert it up into the center of a stick from the bottom as that will generally be a little easier to get in the exact middle.

    I hope this helped!

  • Team Blue PK100 Power User

    I have the Tenergy Solis 6-probe, works awesome. I monitor pit temp, and a probe in the hot spot and one in the cold spot of the smoker. This way i know when to rotate. I also use a thermo-pen instant read to verify a couple places before we take them out. I do put the probes in on an angle get a good reading from the center of the sticks.

  • Thanks for the reply Gents! I have a Maverick ET-733 Dual Probe Thermometer that I use when smoking. I inserted one of the probes from the top down into one of the sticks and it seemed to do a pretty good job.

    This was my first attempt at homemade snack sticks and based on the feedback I received from one of my daughters and my wife, two of my three biggest critics by the way, they both told me the sticks were really good. Needless to say I was pleased with their feedback but know there are some areas that need improvement. 0_1532368815667_IMG_2164.JPG

  • Team Blue Dry Cured Sausage Admin Walton's Employee Canning

    ADJWIS They look good! A few things that can help almost any snack stick
    1)Make sure you are getting the proper amount of protein extraction. This will keep your fat bound up in the meat and less will cook out during the smoking process.
    2)Use Encapsulated Citric Acid when making almost any snack stick. The ECA gives the meat that nice tang flavor, increases shelf life and allows you to go right from Stuffing to Smoking without having to hold it overnight. I’d also say the same for Summer Sausage actually.
    3)Add Cheese to your sticks. The pieces of cheese we carry are easily small enough to fit into a snack stick casing and we have Ghost Pepper (one of my favorites now but VERY hot) Sriracha (a good taste, slight Sriracha flavor and little to no heat) then we also have Swiss, Mozz, Hot Pepper and Cheddar.

    If you had any specific deficiencies in your sticks that you wanted some help with let us know!

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