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  • New her and am jumping in. I have two smokers on is XL big green egg and the other is a side draft smoker. Have done some deer and las year we made a lot of wild hog sausage that turned out great. I have some larger prices to smoke yet so if anyone has a great way so do them please let me know. Just an old guy from Evansville, Indiana getting started in a lot of this.

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    @steve007 I personally don’t do a lot with wild pigs, I know our Retail Store Manager makes brats out of them and says they are always excellent. For larger muscle things like a Ham he says they can still be very good but they will have some gaminess to them, so you need to be prepared for that going in. Pulled Pork from Wild Pigs can apparently be very good but I’ve never had it.

    The age of the Pig and its diet is going to play a large roll into how any whole muscle cut tastes. If you can get a slightly younger pig you have a better chance at less gaminess.

    Anyone here have a good whole muscle wilg pig recipe?

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    @talleyho4 said in Sauerkraut:

    Do you have a recipe to share?

    Are you asking me?

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    @yardapes11 @lamurscrappy @Jonathon @Austin
    1_1550947058460_CE56A3D4-AEC6-487D-8708-EBC6367A1DF9.jpeg 0_1550947058459_9E37575B-FEA0-45B9-9679-F227BF4765F0.jpeg summer sausage turned out great…did the hot water bath to finish

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    @mcmillenbr Need some more details. 5 pound batch? How much water are you using? I have never had water run out.

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    Do you have a recipe to share?

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