First brisket

  • Going to try my first brisket. I have a whole brisket & would appreciate any tips or tricks on how to cut/separate the flat from the point & any other pertinent information. Thanks in advance. I will be using a Masterbuilt 30

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    @journeyman1955 The first thing I’d do is watch the video we did on brisket ( and pick up some tips from that. Now, these were point off briskets so it doesn’t have any information on separating the point and the flat. A couple of quick tips from me would be first make sure you really want to separate them, you can cook them together. If you do decide to go ahead and separate them, make sure you are using a very sharp knife, this will make everything much easier. Also just follow the seam of the fat until it gets really thin, once that happens cut through the point. Doing this will give your point a layer of fat to protect it.

    Anyone else have a better description or tips? Sometimes explaining how to do something isn’t easy without pictures. It’s not like it’s my job to answer questions and explain meat processing procedures…oh wait no, it totally is! I have the BEST job here!

  • Journeyman,

    I have a MB 30 and here is what I do for brisket…it may not be right, but it always gets devoured!

    First I cut the brisket in half right where the point and flat meet. I have to do this due to the small size of the smoker. I then coat my brisket in a mixture of 50/50 mustard and dill pickle juice. I then apply my rub. Once the smoker is at 225, i put the meat in fat side up, and apply smoke for first 2-3 hours. You will NOT get a smoke ring, unless you augment the smoke wit an A-Maze-ing smoke generator. The smoke taste will be there but no smoke ring. I then let it cook to right around 190-195 internal temp. At that point I wrap the brisket parts in aluminum foil, and let sit for up to 4 hours in my Yeti cooler. When you go to cut up the brisket parts you can seperate the point from what is left of the flat. Since someone will ask, yes the pickle juice does something to the meat. Stack a mustard covered brisket side by side with a pickle/mustard covered brisket, and the mustard/pickle brisket will dissapear faster than the other one. Hope this helps!


  • Thanks for response & info. Did it exactly as you described & it turned out fantastic. Was apprehensive as this was my first brisket but your advice was spot on. Many thanks

  • @journeyman1955

    Glad to hear it went well! Nothing quite like a good smoked brisket!


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