• My latest batch of Teriyaki Beef Jerky, 10lbs of Reconstructed Top Round London broil. 0_1533613374612_20180805_174746-1.jpg

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    Gary T That looks awesome, the more jerky I have been making the more I am liking restructured. It’s an extra step or two but I think the seasoning and cure is better distributed. Now, when I do whole muscle here I just use or KMV Vac Tumbler which takes care of that problem but when I don’t have that I prefer the finished product from restructuring it.

  • Jonathon Thanks J, Restructured! Is what I meant lol. Well when you consider having to lay out all the meat it takes about the same time or even less than muscle meat, I’ve done hundreds of pounds that way as well, plus what Im really going for is consistency, you get the same thickness with every piece so drying is the same all around. I also mix really well for good protein extraction to get that consistent chew of each piece. For me everything is regimented, spice amounts, mix time, temp and dry time etc. In doing that I get the exact same product every time.

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    Yeah, i’ve seen people do it both ways on protein extraction and it makes sense that more extraction would result in a more consistent bite and chew throughout, thanks for the information!

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