Salmon snack stick recipe?

  • Does anyone have a salmon snack stick recipe or even tried it. My local smoke/butcher shop sells them, but of course will not share their recipe. Looking to find a recipe for one.


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    @mesbilawson I have never made salmon snack sticks but I did make tuna jerky recently and I found that the hotter snack stick seasonings work better. I tried Habanero Lime, Dill Pickle Seasoning and Teriyaki. In my opinion the Habanero Lime was the best by a good amount, then the Dill Pickle (which has more heat to it than you would imagine) and lastly the teriyaki. I was surprised but that because I assumed the teriyaki would go well with the Tuna but it did NOT.

    Those are just my thoughts though, does anyone have any other thoughts?

  • I found this recipe on an Alaskan website:

    "Salmon Snack Sticks

    18 lbs Sockey or King Salmon

    ½ cup salt

    2 cup almond flour

    1 cup honey

    1 tsp ground ginger

    2 tsp ground nutmeg

    3 ½ Tablespoons ground white pepper

    1 tsp sage

    1 tsp garlic granuals

    Notes: use 19mm collegen casings. Grind fish almost frozen. Use these same spice quantities with 20lbs fish for a more milder product. Smoke, and bring temp up to just cook. Do not overheat. "

    I hope to try this soon using my own Home Smoke Salmon. Other comments I’ve found recommended the spicier seasonings. One in particular said Habanero Seasoning was her favorite.
    I think my tongue caught on fire just reading it.
    My Salmon is caught on the bonny banks of
    Sam’s Club. 😎

    I plan to reduce the recipe amounts to be appropriate for my meager catch size. 🎣 Nominally 3 pounds.
    I suspect the Almond Flour is to absorb and suspend the natural oils in the Salmon, and to improve texture.
    I calculate and add “Pink Salt”, Prague Powder #1 to my brine I do on my Salmon before smoking it. I notice there is no cure added to the above recipe. YMMV

    (I hope this isn’t too “Necroposting”)

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