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  • Hi, all – I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for spice mixtures that would be good for seasoning snacks – chips, nuts, etc. Preferably with not too much heat, so that the kids can dig in too. Any ideas?

  • @21cedar look thru the Excalibur seasoning shakers that Walton’s carries - I’ve used several on chips & popcorn and love them! Salt & vinegar is great!

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    @21cedar First, @KnucklHed-BBQ 's suggestion of the Salt and Vinegar Wing Shake is absolutely one that should be tried! I use it on cucumbers and tomatoes and it is amazing on both! I recently started using it with Cashews and Almonds and it is even better on them, this is probably the one shaker that will always be in my pantry!

    Another one that is amazing on Nuts and Popcorn is the Garlic Romano, it is good with everything though so don’t stop at just those. If you were making homemade chips of any sort this is a great one to use!

    Butter Garlic is another that goes great on snacks but be careful with this one, a little bit goes a long way!

    Cinnamon Toast Shake is great on anything you want to add some sweetness too, I love using it when I have greek yogurt and fruit or it is amazing on ice cream…though I don’t get to eat it all that much!

    The Catibbean Style Rump Rub goes well with chips as well

    Finally, my favorite seasoning for when I am making Sweet Potato Fries is the Potato Seasoning and Garnish!

    That’s a few of my favorites, I’m sure I am leaving a few out but those are the main ones I like to use on snacks!

  • Thanks, guys – I somehow missed the whole section on seasoning shakers! Definitely have some exploring to do 👍

  • @jonathon Is there any way to know/find out which other dry rubs are a fine enough grind to be sprinkled onto snack foods?

  • Walton's Employee

    @21cedar Right now there isn’t any way to know. If you want to send me some requests I will let you know. It might not be a bad idea for me to go through all of them and list out on the website if the particle size is Small, Medium or Large. For now though just send me shakers you have questions on.

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