No carrot fiber for pepperoni

  • Guys, being a newbe to all of this, I did not order carrot fiber. Been thawing 2 shoulders in the fridge and they are ready to bone. Can I make the pepperoni without carrot fiber?

  • @lateasusual Try potato starch. I’ve been using potato starch as a binder for years with great results. It gels around 150 degrees so it will help with some water retention. I would order some carrot fiber to have on hand for next time though. I’m new to the carrot fiber, but so far really like it. But most large grocery stores carry potato starch so it’s easy and quick to find when your in a pinch.

  • Thanks guys.

  • Walton's Employee

    @lateasusual I prefer Carrot Fiber to Potato Starch but @tbone is right, it is more readily available in stores and the fact that it begins to gel at around the same temperature that meats starts to really excrete water is a huge benefit. Super Bind gives you the best of both worlds as it has Carrot Fiber and Potato Starch but I don’t know if it is twice as good as carrot fiber as it is almost twice the price!

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