• and have 10# of chicken trimmings, 60# of pork trimmings, and 6# of ground venison. We do competition BBQ and I save my chicken and pork trimmings just for sausage making.
    The plan is for 25# Summer Sausage, 15# each of medium and maple breakfast sausage, 10# of Blue Ribbon Brats from pork and 10# of Habanero Mango brats from the chicken. The SS will be divided, half with Hi-temp Cheddar and half with Hot Pepper cheese.
    Gonna be a busy weekend!

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    Gomez sounds great, the chicken hab mango is a favorite around here. At some point you need to try the BBQ Habanero Summer Sausage mix, it’s awesome and just like the had mango it does a good job of balancing the heat with some sweetness. Put in some cheddar or hot pepper cheese and you are good to go!

  • I should have another 50# or so of pork trimmings by the first of November and hopefully some deer meat so I’ll have more flavors to try.

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    Habanero Mango chicken brats, natural hog casings. The test patty was initial sweetness from the mango followed by the heat of the habanero. And whoever said they aren’t very hot is tougher than I am

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