Sausage Recipes-Tried and Tested

  • I am always looking for new homemade sausage recipes to test. Please post any recipes for your favorite sausages or biggest successes. See attached recipe for my homemade beer bratwurst. Any tips or tricks for incredible results?
    –Sausage King of Central America

    0_1471112787974_Pete's Beer Bratwurst 5 lb Recipe.png

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    Does anyone have a recipe for albs of Jalapeño snack sicks. How much sure cure, How much sure gel, how much encapsulated citric acid, and how muck water.

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    @austin Thanks for the help!

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    I purchased some Clear Collagen casings to make pepperoni. Today when I tied them off all was well, but when I went to hang them up they simply did not hold the weight of the pepperoni sticks and tore apart.

    The sticks weighed from 12-13.5 oz each. I had to break out my hog casings, tear all the meat out of the collagen casings and stuff them into the hog casings.

    So what is the secret to clear collagen casings…is it possible Waltons mis labeled the casings and I really got Fresh Collagen casings?

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    @steve-brown45 I am not familiar with your jerky gun but I have the LEM Jerky Cannon and the tubes from my Walton’s stuffer fit the Jerky Cannon.

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    Right on Austin. We pickle our own jalepenos and use them in our summer sausage but we thoroughly rinse them and that seems to help with binding. We do like the “pickled” flavor the jalapenos add to the sausage.

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    I am currently using a small scale jerky gun from RedHead to shoot jerky, until I can afford the equipment here. Will the sausage stuffing tubes and meat stick tube fit the RedHead or Jerky Cannon gun?

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