Seasoning & Additives 101 - Why We Recommend Excalibur Seasonings

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    Seasoning and Additives

    Seasoning & Additives 101 - Why We Recommend Excalibur Seasonings

    Attend this entry level class from Meatgistics University by watching the video, reading the article and post any questions you have!

    Why We Use Excalibur Pre-Packaged Seasonings

    Excalibur seasonings have many qualities that set them apart from other seasoning companies, one of the main benefits is their SQF level 3 certification. Having that certification means that Excalibur has put their ingredients, their processing, and their facility through rigorous testing and retesting to ensure that they are producing the safest and highest quality ingredients possible.

    Mixing in seasoning

    Every input and output is assigned a lot # that is printed on each label and it is put through tests to compare it to previous lot #s to make sure that it measures up to the previous batches in consistency, quality, and taste. This helps ensure that your favorite seasoning will taste just as great this time as last time and next time.

    Excalibur also has a Research and Development lab that works tirelessly to perfect the seasonings that they make and to try to make improvements to their production practices to ensure excellent seasoning taste and quality.

    Excalibur has also created packages of seasoning that are perfectly designed to season specific amounts of meat ranging from 5 lb to 100 lb. These prepackaged seasonings have the correct amount of salt, spices, and seasonings to give you the best consistency, appearance and most importantly taste possible!

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