Sausage Casings 104 - Shelf Life & Storage

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    Sausage Casings 104 - Shelf Life & Storage

    Attend this entry level class from Meatgistics University by watching the video, reading the article and post any questions you have!

    Natural Hog and Sheep Casings

    Shelf-Life - If they are unopened and stored in a refrigerator or cooler you can expect to get 12 months from these casings but remember, these are a natural product, not a manufactured one so times can vary. The casings might have an unpleasant smell to them but that is to be expected if however the smell is truly rancid then the casings have gone bad and should be disposed of. The difference in smell between the slightly unpleasant normal smell of these casings and spoiled casings is unmistakable.

    How To Store - These will be sent to you either packed in salt, if you purchased the home pack, or kept in a salt solution if you purchased the 100-yard hank. The salt will keep the casings fresh throughout the shipping process but they should be stored in a cooler or refrigerator when you receive them until they are ready for use. Once you have taken them out of the package and rinsed and cleaned them they can be put back into the salt or salt solution and vacuum packed again at which point they will have the original shelf life.

    Collagen Casings

    Shelf-Life - Collagen casings should have a shelf life of between 12-24 months depending on how they are stored. If the casing feels excessively brittle when you are putting it on the stuffing tube or you are experiencing an unusual number of blowouts your casings might have gone bad and should be disposed of. You can slightly rehydrate older collagen casings by taking them out of there package and storing them in the refrigerator the night before they are going to be used. Once you have used how much you need you can reseal them in a bag. Do not vacuum pack them though as this will crush the casings

    How To Store - They should be kept in a dry place that is between 40-60° F and left in the original packaging until they are ready for use. Once they have been opened you should reseal the casings and always store them in an airtight container. The older the casing is the more brittle and prone to blowouts it will become.

    Fibrous Casings

    Shelf-Life - These casings do not really go bad, you should get at least a few years out of them if stored correctly.

    How To Store - They should be kept in a cool dry environment and out of direct sunlight.

    Cellulose Casings

    Shelf-Life - These casings do not really go bad, you should get at least a few years out of them if stored correctly.

    How To Store - They should be kept in a cool dry environment and out of direct sunlight.

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