Sweet and Spicy snack Stick

  • I want to add a sweetness to the jalapeño snack stick seasoning. Could I just do a sweet cure to it or a different additive to it to make it sweet?

  • Walton's Employee

    @dubsmeats I’d stay away from adding a sweet cure to it, there are just too many calculations and measurements you would have to do to use a sweet ham or bacon cure. Instead, I would add something to sweeten the seasoning. It probably is going to take some testing to get the exact amount of sugar you want but I’d go with either sugar or dextrose. Both are sweeteners that are commonly used when making snack sticks or summer sausages.

    How big of a batch are you planning on making and when are you planning on making it?

  • @jonathon I would start with a 5lb batch. I do add dextrose to my homemade summer sausage seasoning.

  • I would for sure add dextrose and honestly corn syrup solids work great too for adding a touch of sweet and better preservative and color.

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