Making Bologna from venison

  • I’d like to try making bologna from some deer meat I have, so I can more easily use it up by making sadwiches etc but I don’t see many articles for this. Can someone help me out with a recipe and what all I need to do this?

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    @weatherbow21 I’m actually making some Lebanon Bologna tomorrow for a video but that won’t be ready for a few weeks. So if you are using deer meat you need to add some pork fat (or beef fat if you prefer) to get you close to 70/30 lean to fat ratio. The best way to do this is by getting pork fat from a butcher (some still offer this) and if not then an untrimmed pork but to get you around that ratio. So, if you have 17 lb of deer meat add 8 lb of pork fat (untrimmed butts, especially the fatty parts) and mix in the pork or pork fat while grinding to make sure they mix well.

    If you do not want to add fat then you might be able to do what I did with chicken breast which was to add some cold phosphate and carrot fiber or cold phosphate and super bind. Either of these combinations will vastly improve the moisture holding capacity of your bologna.

    For smoke schedule and grinding instructions follow the Summer Sausage Recipe

    Let us know if you need anything else and good luck!

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    Can’t wait to see the Lebanon bologna video! We are going to give it a shot this year with venison and pork fat using the Excaliber spice mix. I’m excited to see how it goes. After growing up in Dutch Amish county in PA I think I’ve had every kind. Our local butcher shop here in Rochester NY makes it but it’s too sweet for me.

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    @Parksider and @weatherbow21 One thing I am going to do is add some Xtra Hot Ground Red Pepper to mine. I was lucky enough to have some that a customer brought in a while ago and he added some to his and it was amazing. I will work out some ratios and post them when I post the video!

  • How big of a batch are you making?

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    @jonathon I made 10 lb of it. I used 6 lb of pork, 4 lb of lean beef and the 10 lb 4.6 Bologna Casing along with the Lebanon Bologna Seasoning and then I added the X-tra Hot Red Pepper at the usage of 3 oz to 100 lb of meat. I also used some Sodium Erythorbate and Sure Gel. It came out amazing! Seriously, it might have been the best thing I have ever made here! Then today I made Fried Bologna sandwiches out it, all around just a great product!

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    Yes… sure cure and sure gel binder. The venison and pork fat were both still partially frozen when I ground them. First through the large course plate, then again through the small plate. (Not sure of sizes, but these are the plates i normally use for summer sausage). I probably should have put the meat back in the freezer before seasoning but i was pressed for time. I mixed by hand for 14 or 15 minutes. I also think I might have added to much water. The video said 2 quarts for wild game 2 pints for fatty pork. I put in 1 quart and about another cup. I mixed until it got tacky and then mixed some more. The meat seemed soupy to me but the video said that would be ok.
    The shriveling occurred before I bumped the temp up. I was using a digital thermometer with a probe, when the temp stalled for a couple hours, I suspected the temp might be reading inaccurately so I opened the door to confirm with a dial thermometer. The digital was accurate but the sausage was already shriveling.
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