2" or smaller is OK?

  • I notice LEM and other manufacturers of sausage stuffers offer a 2" dia. size of stuffer outlet tube. Is this necessary or simply convenient when fill plastic tubes like 1# pork sausage bags? Many stuffers are available with max size tube being max about 1.6".

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    Most places don’t have a 2" opening on a stuffing tube for a sausage stuffer. It simply can’t get that big because the flange (part that attaches to the stuffer) is only about 2-1/8". The largest we offer is 38mm (approximately 1.5") https://www.waltonsinc.com/waltons-38mm-ss-stuffing-tube

    What you might be seeing is a 2" opening on a grinder stuffing tube, like this one: https://www.waltonsinc.com/22-2-stuffing-horn

    If you can get one that is 2", bigger is always better when filling larger meat bags and casings, but the difference between 1.6" and 2" on a sausage stuffer will be pretty minimal. Every little bit can help though. We do always recommend going with the largest stuffing tube possible that fits your casing, meat bags, etc. It’s not a requirement, just a best practice to make things easier.

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