summer sausage

  • what is the best way to clean the grease off your summer sausage after smoking it

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    @thevillage can you give us a little more information? There shouldn’t be a ton of grease on the outside of your casing after smoking so I am not sure exactly what you are referring too. Could you send pictures? It sounds like maybe you had “fat out” when e you don’t get enough protein extraction and the fat renders out of the product during the smoking process.

  • Ive seen that done as jonathan has said or if you raise the temperature of your smokehouse too fast or start too high. But for the purposes of what your wanting, after you shower them cold or place in a cold bath you can spray them with warm water or run them under a hot water faucet and it should remove any unwanted grease from the casings.

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    @cayenneman That is more like smoking pork butts or brisket. I did a whole wild turkey at 225F and since there is so little fat on them to start with I used it to make a turkey noodle soup and that little bit of extra smoke on the turkey is a game changer! I used the bones to make the stock and it also had a little smokeyness to it, delicious. Don’t be afraid to run the smoker up 225-250F. Just make sure get it warm and dry before putting the smoke to it so it will stick better.

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  • @rhjbarney That is the second time in recent weeks I have heard sausage referred to as Cigars, I like it and I am sure I can come up with a clever (for me at least) social media post about it. Also, I use a lot of the pictures our users post here on Walton’s Instagram, Facebook and twitter accounts and also Meratgistics Face Book accounts. Consider this my shameless plug to follow our social media accounts.

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