Summer sausage smoking

  • I am smoking summer sausage , the last step is 175 degrees until internal temp hits 160 degrees . How long should this take ?? I have been at 175 for 3 hours and the internal doesn’t get any higher than 150 degrees ?

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    This conversion chart for weight to volume measurements is very helpful. Is there a weight to cups conversion chart available for Walton’s Turkey Cure & Walton’s Ham Cure. Ham cure is 1 lb cure to 1 gallon water & I have been using about 2.25 cups of cure per gallon plus a little wine. Turkey cure calls for 1.29 lbs per gallon, but I am not sure what the conversion might be yet.

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    It sounds like the meat is “stalling”. This can sometimes happen when smoking a variety of things. When doing something like BBQ (brisket, ribs, etc.) you can combat this by wrapping the meat in foil. That becomes a little hard to do with summer sausage, snack sticks, etc. The best thing to do in this case is either try and increase the humidity in your smoker (add a pan of water), or simply increase the smokehouse temp. You can always just ride it out and it should eventually get there, it just takes longer than expected sometimes. If I get a stall, I typically add water (if I didn’t start the cook with a water pan), plus increase the smoker temp 10-15 degrees and that can help get through it.

  • @rusty my dehydrator won’t go over 160 so after I follow the first part of thermal processing in low temps, I move my snacks sticks, summer,sausage etc, into the oven at 175 for hr Check temp,if still not 155 raise it to 200for 15 min, check temp. Keep checking,every 15min or so til it reaches 155.

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