• Happy holidays everyone!
    I would like to experiment makng summer sausage using chicken thighs .
    Maybe a little healthier .
    I’ll be using Walton’s seasonings
    How much carrot fiber for 10 pounds of chicken?
    Any cooking changes on the smoking procees?
    Or,did I miss any previous written information on this?
    Thank you very much for your help

  • Team Orange Walton's Employee Admin

    I have never tried a chicken summer sausage. We usually do chicken brats or chicken snack sticks. There are a lot of similarities between snack sticks and summer sausage, just a larger diameter though.

    If anyone else has tried chicken summer sausage, I hope they’ll chime in and let us know their results too! I think we’ll have to add chicken summer sausage to our list of things to try and put out an exact recipe on.

    You can use approximately 1.6 ounces of carrot fiber for 10 lb of meat (4 oz per 25 lb of meat is normal usage).

    Biggest change to the cooking cycle would be to cook to 165 degrees since it is poultry.

    Poultry can also have a bigger tendency to “stall” during smoking, so try to add a water pan if there is room to help keep humidity as high as possible.

    My only last comments would be to make sure and get good protein extraction while mixing everything. That with a binder or additive like carrot fiber will help bind up as much water as possible to keep a lean meat like chicken as moist as possible.

    Good luck and let us know if we can help with anything else!

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