• I made 25 lbs of sausage using the Signature Smoked Kielbasa seasoning, sure cure and carrot fiber. The stuffed casings set in the refrigerator overnight before I started smoking it today. My Primo XL will only hold about half of the sausage. If I cannot get the other half in the smoker today how long can I leave it in the refrigerator before smoking? I will not be able to smoke it on Thanksgiving but could work on it Friday. Is that safe and will that rest change the flavor?

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    DaFish13 Yes, you can leave it in the fridge for a few days before smoking as long as it has already been stuffed. It is not ideal to go too much past 24 hours but it should not hurt anything. The taste might be a little different as the seasoning will have more time to interact with the meat but I don’t think it will be anything detrimental to the quality of your sausage!

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