MRT smoke sugar cure and seasoning conversion?

  • I cannot figure out how to break this down. It is not in the calculator section. The sugar cure is 7.25 lb to 100 lb of meat. The seasoning packet is .25 lb to 100 lb of meat. I understand that I am to take the 7.25 and divide it by a hundred pounds and then take that answer and multiply by the amount of pounds that I want to cure such as 1 lb and that would bring it to .0 7 3 what is .073? Is this cups is it teaspoons? And how many? I do not understand how to figure out this measurement same with the seasoning. That comes to .0025 ? could somebody please help me out?

  • @danelle Pounds divided by pounds is still pounds even if its a decimal. In your example you get .0725 pounds of cure for the 1 pound of meat. If you multiple the .0725 by 16 oz in a pound you get 1.16 ounces of cure. Same math on the seasoning packet. 25 divided by 100 times the pounds of meat equals pounds of seasoning. You can then convert that to ounces by multiplying by 16 or whatever other measurement you want to use.

  • @dafish13 thank you

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