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    Anyone made smoked brisket sausage? Looking for some input fellow sausage makers.

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    macsinsac Just to be clear we are talking about taking a brisket (either entire thing or the flat) and making a smoked sausage out of it? Just want to make sure we are not missing anything in your question.

    In my opinion Sausage (really of almost any kind) will be better when made from pork than it would be with beef. The reason for this is that pork fat has a creamier texture to it that works better in a sausage than beef fat would. It can still be done with beef, and lots of people do that, but just know that the texture and taste might be different than you are used too.

    That’s just my opinion though, anyone else have a different one?

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    macsinsac Kinda…Over the weekend I made a brisket sausage using corned beef rather than a smoked brisket. Prior to stuffing I would agree that that texture and flavor was a bit off. I added 2.75 lbs of ground pork shoulder to the 6 lbs of corned beef and it sure helped. I think I could have got away with a 50/50 mix and it wouldn’t have diluted the corned beef flavor too much. I was going for a Reuben style brat so I also added 2 cups of homemade sauerkraut and a big dollup of wholegrain house mustard. I served it with creamed horseradish and thousand island dressing…house made, of course. Overall they turned out really well but I agree with Jonathon that the texture would have been improved with additional pork.

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