Tender Jerky

  • Good morning guy’s,

    I have an interest in making tender jerky. After watching Johns video on the subject, I am wondering what changes I would need to make to use a different seasoning. I am specifically interested in the Sweet Teriyaki flavor.

    Should I follow the same recipe and add 18% extra brown sugar as with the Waltons Bold seasoning in the video? All else should be the same but I just was curious about the sugar level.

    Thanks for any help

  • Walton's Employee

    @wvhunter1965 I’m glad you are going to give it a shot, I am sure you won’t be disappointed! We chose the Walton’s Bold Jerky because we are very familiar with it and it’s a great tasting seasoning. If you want to use another seasoning, like the Sweet Teriyaki, I would still use the same 18% extra brown sugar and 20% water. Now, I don’t know what your set-up but an important part is how much of the water and seasonings your meat will pick up. We used a vacuum tumbler so our meat picked up a high amount of the solution, if you don’t have a vacuum tumbler then I might not add the full 20% of water. And I would probably leave it in the fridge a little longer until it looks like there very little water left in your bag or whatever you use to marinate your meat in.

    Let us know how it turns out!

  • Has anyone ever tried adding some glycerin/glycerol (instead of extra sugar) to provide a more tender texture? It’s sweet like sugar, but it doesn’t evaporate like water (so it should increase the residual “moisture” without increasing the water activity), and isn’t sticky either.

    (Note that if you look up information on glycerin online, you’ll see all sorts of stuff about it being a laxative, but that’s when it’s administered as, uh, suppositories. And it is indeed an alcohol sweetener, like sorbitol and mannitol – but unlike those sugar alcohols, your body can actually absorb and metabolize glycerol, so it doesn’t give you the nasty GI side effects of sorbitol and its siblings.)

  • @21cedar I haven’t used it in sausage but I’ve taken plenty glycerin/glycol based herbal tinctures orally with no ill side effects. Heck, that might be a way to introduce an herbal element to the final product. I’ve been curious if lactose or dry malt extract could be also be substituted for dextrose…mainly due to having excess brewing ingredients.

  • @jonathon

    It’s a funny thing as I am on my stand hunting while I post this but thanks for the info. Will certainly let you guys know how this turns out. I am planning most of my processing after season ends so I have more time to hunt!

    Saw a really nice shooter 8 this morning but couldn’t get him to stop long enough for a shot. Hopefully, he comes back and supplies me with a wall mount but most importantly, jerky and snack sticks! We

  • Walton's Employee

    @wvhunter1965 How crazy is it that you are in your stand and have Wifi connections? Think back 10 years, that would have seemed like magic, right? Good luck and make sure you give us a picture of anything you get!

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    Lol, no rice in Andoullie. You are thinking of Boudin.
    I spoke to an Old Timer Cajun down here and he said, after you cure your meat for 24 hours, spray and moisten the meat just before stuffing it. If the stuffing is too dry, the meat will shrink when smoked and it will make voids between the stuffing and casing.
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