Summer sausage

  • I ordered 2 different kinds of summer sausage spices. The summer unit 107 and tons summer. Which one has more of a garlic flavor. They both have garlic powder in it.

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    Roger The 107 has slightly more of a garlic flavor to it than the Tons if I remember correctly. The 107 lists garlic higher on the ingredients list as well so I am pretty confident that my memory is correct. Having said that, the Tons is one of my favorite Summer Sausage seasonings, mostly because it has more pepper to it than many of the other ones.

  • If I wanted more garlic flavor to the tons. How much garlic powder would you recommend adding per pound?

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    Roger I checked with our application specialist and he recommended 1 gram per 1 kilogram of meat, so 1 gram per 2.2 lb. So 10 grams per 25 lb meat block would be just about right. Depending on how much of a garlic flavor you want you might want to do some experimentation with that first at lower levels.

  • Roger, had the same question 2 weeks ago, was hoping to get more feedback than I did as to the flavor differences in terms the various Waltons seasonsings. (@Jonathon would be nice to provide more objective description on the relative flavor profiles of the various seasonsing units (Garlic, Pepper, Mustard, levele, etc…)). Personally, I was looking to make a German summer with fairly high level of garlic and mustard, relative to black pepper levels. I went with the H Unit and tasted it ou of the bag, really nice flavor however not enough garlic for my taste. Added 1 TSP per 5lbs of meat block. Turned out perfect for us. Used the same meat block for 3ea variations (German, Chipotle, and Jalapeño/Cheddar). Best yet!





  • ohhhh boy! something about your photos as spiked my enthusiasm. i have been delaying some processing, but now i am excited to get some sausage made. thanks for sharing Roger.

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